He Had Dirty Energy (Poetry Plate Series)

Eleanor Goldfield
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A digital print of poetry set on a backdrop of a flipped parking lot reflection.

She said he had dirty energy - the wind whipped cold the mud sunk low - an interminable abyss of sludge and waste - she breathed deep - the wind held - she let go - a gust settled leaves on scarred land - like surface stitches on a wound too deep

he had dirty energy - and you could feel it in the air -- a sickly smell leaking over crisp winter -- like arsenic in a cocktail -- an evil refined -- death loomed over sleep - tired trees not dreaming of spring - but struggling to be

I dreamt once of fall -- before the fight for life left no space for dreams - I dreamt of sleeping strength -- of leaves that nurtured roots -- of solidarity highways - busy underground -- guarded by stoic sentinels -- branches, trunks - a bare resolve

I dreamt once of fall -- when our life filtered up above - shots of brilliance - rising thru the mud, the muck, the sludge - eating death, consuming rot - the fall, our rise, I thought -

I dreamt once of fall - he had a dirty energy, she said

and I lay me down - the wind swaddles sound - muffled, I breathe – he has dirty energy, she says -- I melt into the ground -- a circle of consolation -- a penance for these sins - a fight, a dream, a root, a life - to be - come spring.

Part of the ongoing "Poetry Plates" series that combines original photography with original poetry. Each poster is printed individually, on-demand on high quality matte poster paper.

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  • Digital Print
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He Had Dirty Energy (Poetry Plate Series)

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